Recently, Editorial Photographers removed the Estimator from their site after nearly ten years. The free editorial pricing guideline software has been made available again from this site as it was originally. The sofware shall remain available here free of charge indefinitely.

While the Estimator has not been updated for quite some time, it is nevertheless a valuable pricing guide and for illustrating how the licensing model can be used to make a photography business more profitable. Indeed, in the past year, we have licensed more images than ever before which made staying in the photography business worthwhile. This was only possible because we keep and register our copyrights.

A more advanced version of the Estimator has been on hold for five years or so. The goal of this software is to give the photographer the ability to consistly estimate complex usage models based on local, regional and national markets. Once we have completed our studio remodeling, completing the software revision will be back on the to do list as we prepare to integrate the model with our website.


Ken Richardson

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